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Decisions do.
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We are inviting you to join our webinars where we will discuss the value of analytics for individuals, companies, and institutions from different angles.

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The Story behind COVID 19 dashboards

We have all seen abundance of dashboards these days, but what are they telling us. Can we interpret the information in a right way, and how can we use them to get more insights?  Let’s take a deeper look into few popular dashboards today and discuss what information they are providing, what is the source of information, the methodology used. We will deep dive into the most important pandemic parameters and forecasting trends in the upcoming days.

We are delighted to host Aleksandra Barac MD, Ph.D., Physician at the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Clinical Centre of Serbia. She will give us an expert view on how analytics can contribute in preserving the public health of the population.

Radomir Lale Marković 
Guest Speaker:
Aleksandra Barac MD, Ph.D. Clinical Centre of Serbia
SAS Speaker:
Rosanda Milatovic Skoric, Customer Advisory Leader - Adriatic, SAS

Webinar was held in the local language (Serbian)


NextGen AML in the New Economic Environment

Join our NextGen AML webinar on April 29, 11h to understand how artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation can take AML programs to the next level to combat these financial crime threats while increasing your organization’s efficiency.

Guest speakers:
Zarko Vukadinovic, CFE, ACFE Serbia 
Stevan Villalobos , CFE CAMS, EY
Zorica Palac, EY
SAS Speaker:
Grozdana Maric, CFE

Release Date: 
 April 29 2020 , 11:00

Webinar was held in the local language (Croatian and Serbian)


AI and impact on business and economy

How AI can help businesses to adapt faster to changing market conditions.

More information will follow soon

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The Future of Customer Interactions

The world is changing, so does the interaction with the customers. What are they expecting from companies and what companies can offer?

More information will follow soon

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With SAS COVID-19 tracking infrastructure, you can track cases around the world. We wish that this unprecedented situation surrounding the world will be solved as soon as possible.