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May 23• 11:30AM – 2:30PM UAE | 01:00PM – 04:00PM IST | 3:30PM – 6:30PM SGT

About the workshops

We are organizing a series of virtual/online workshops that is specially for SAS users at Standard Chartered Bank. In this workshop on SAS Macro, you will understand how to design, write, and debug macro programs, and how programs contain macro code are processed. Also learn how you can perform text substitution in SAS code, using macro variables and macro functions. As a bonus, you will get a chance to interact and meet with other SAS users, located at different countries. 

There are 2 more sessions in this series, so stay tune to our emailers as well as updates published on 'The Bridge'.

Learn how to

  • Write reusable, dynamic programs and automate repetitive processing in SAS
  • Debug macro programs
  • Use macro variables and functions for text substitution

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About The Experts

Akshay Dixit
Senior Consultant

Akshay Dixit is presently working as a Analytics Training Consultant with SAS India. He has 8+ years of Training experience in SAS with all the leading clients in India and Abroad. He has conducted workshops in the area of Predictive Modelling, Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Enterprise Business Intelligence in the area of Banking, Retail, Manufacturing and Telecom.