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Set up a domain


Learn how to set up active domains that you want to collect data for.

About Domains

Domains are classified in two primary categories: approved (active or inactive) and unapproved. Data collection depends on which category a domain is included in.

Domains that you explicitly defined (or approved from the unapproved list). These are domains that you know traffic is going to come from.

  • Active domains are approved domains that you want to collect data for.
  • Inactive domains are approved domains that you do not want to collect data for. This could be because you want resources for a rush on another domain, or you want to suspend collection from that domain, and so on.

Traffic coming from sources that are not defined. Domains that are not defined are unapproved by default.

Define a Domain

After your site includes the SAS tag and is ready to collect data, you need to define the domain of the site to monitor. When you define a domain, any data that is collected from that domain is associated with the definition that you provided.

  1. In SAS Customer Intelligence 360, navigate to Settings then select Manage Domains.
  2. Click Create Domain and complete the fields on the Domain page.

In the Domain window, you can perform these tasks:

– Activate or deactivate data collection.

– Specify a default path for elements in that domain.

– Create rules to exclude data collection from certain elements. You can use keywords or regular expressions in this field.

(Optional) Set the domain as the default in the Manage Domains list. When you set a domain as the default, that domain is used to automatically populate the domain fields for configuration rules for other data collection settings.

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