SAS® Customer Intelligence 360



Schedule an activity

Learn how to create a schedule that defines how long tasks in an activity deliver content and collect data.


To specify a schedule that defines how long the tasks in the activity deliver content and collect data, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Orchestration Schedule and click Add schedule.
  2. Enter a start date and an end date by clicking in each field and selecting a date from the calendar.

After the activity is published, its status changes to Active at the scheduled start date. If a schedule has been set for a task, the activity schedule takes precedence over the task schedule.

Changes that are made to a scheduled activity are not automatically propagated to the published version of the activity. If you update a scheduled activity, republish the activity to incorporate the updates. If the activity is not republished, then the activity becomes out of sync.

Note: When you republish an activity, all existing data for the activity is deleted.

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