SAS® Customer Intelligence 360



Create web messages

Learn how to create messages and work with content.


Messages contain creatives that are used in web tasks.

  1. From the side menu, click Messages.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Add creatives to this message either by making a new creative or selecting existing creatives to add to the message. By combining images and HTML, you create a new creative.
    - Click Add Creative to edit the HTML source, embed content from a URL, or import an existing asset.
    - Click Add Multiple Creatives to select existing creatives to import into the message.
    Note: New creatives have a Designing status and can be added to a task. However, a task cannot be published when it contains a creative with a Designing status.
  4. For each creative, click  and select either Mark Ready or Mark Ready and Publish. This action makes your creative available to other items and changes its status from Designing to either Ready or Active. A Ready status indicates that the creative is ready to be published with a task. When someone publishes a task that uses a Ready creative, that person is prompted to confirm that the creative should be published along with the task. Creatives with a Ready status can be changed back to a Designing status by clicking Return to Designing. Changing this status prevents creatives from being published by a task.

    To promote a creative from a Ready status to an Active status, click Publish. Creatives with an Active status cannot be changed back to Designing. A creative with an Active status does not prevent a task from publishing.

From the Messages page, click Select to delete, copy, open, or rename a message. Make it easier to find a message by entering part of the name in the search field, which reduces the number of entries in the Messages table.

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