The fight against fraud and financial crimes

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The fight against fraud and financial crimes can feel like a battle to stay one step ahead of perpetrators, especially as the risks organizations face today are more dynamic and persistent than ever.

SAS helps financial institutions improve their fraud monitoring programs through our industry-leading analytical software and solutions together with our extensive professional services experience.

What we can offer you:

  • Modernize existing AML solutions by operationalizing AI and machine learning in the cloud
  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of current transaction monitoring programs
  • Lower compliance costs by reducing false positives numbers, automating investigations, and improving detection
  • Gain a complete view of customers’ activities

With SAS, you can:

  • Reduce false positives by 30% or higher
  • Streamlined Regulatory reporting resulting in cost reduction and quicker compliance
  • Reduce the reporting of low-value events by over 50% and increase suspicious activity report (SAR) yield by 25%

SAS provides you with:

  • Transparent workflow for AI/ML models, delivering explainable results to management and regulators
  • Production-ready AI/ML modelling capability
  • Deep learning techniques and capability to significantly reduce scenarios shown to be ineffective and optimize inefficient scenarios

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