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SAS Cortex Analytics Simulation 5 Day Challenge

Cortex is an online simulation game where participants learn analytics skills using SAS predictive modeling technology. The game teaches users how to use predictive models to make business decisions.

About the challenge

Cortex is an analytics simulation game developed by SAS and HEC Montreal.

How it works?

In Cortex, players are working for a non-profit organization. They have a data set of 1 million potential donors. Using SAS Enterprise Miner, participants build a predictive model to figure out who to contact about donating to the organization. Players upload their results to an online leader board to see how they rank compared to other players.

Whoever builds the best model after the 5-day challenge wins:

  • Learn and apply key predictive modeling skills in your organization.
  • Receive a SAS Badge for online and LinkedIn profiles.


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