Data Analytics Consultant Program

The Data Analytics Consultant Program is designed for professionals who want to develop their analytical skills while concurrently pursuing their career path.

You will learn

  • working with big data in a Hadoop environment
  • learn to access and manage data, perform complex data queries and analysis
  • using data mining models on data to provide customer insights
  • developing forecasting models to make informed decisions
  • using text mining methods to perform content categorization and unearth sentiment from unstructured data

      Career Opportunities

      *Upon completion of the program, graduates can find career opportunities in the following:

      • Business Analytics projects using SAS EBI tools, Dashboard development, SAS Web-Report Studio (WRS), SAS EG and/or SAS VA
      • Data Mining and/or text analytics projects using SAS Enterprise Miner / SAS Text Miner Statistical modeling
      • SAS in a Hadoop environment
      *subject to availability of such opportunities.

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