SAS® Spend Analysis

A comprehensive view of commodity spend and supplier relationships

Spend Analysis improves visibility into procurement information, enabling you to determine spend by commodities, products, services and suppliers. It also provides a dynamic ranking system for maintaining a snapshot of your most valuable suppliers. With SAS you gain more insight to better leverage your buying power, reduce costs and strategically improve supplier relationships.


Reduce enterprise spend through procurement visibility.

Spend Analysis integrates procurement data across your organization to identify total spend by commodities and suppliers. By understanding your spend behavior, you can identify cost-saving opportunity in procurement activities throughout the organization.

Rank suppliers for improved relationships.

Rank suppliers using your own criteria and change the weight of each criterion dynamically. As you identify the suppliers that best meet your organization’s needs, you can prioritize and improve supplier relationships – optimizing your procurement spend.

Make better decisions based on facts.

Because Spend Analysis delivers an accurate, complete view of your procurement data, it helps eliminate guesswork from your decisions. It also provides customizable views so that the appropriate data is always available for decision making.


  • Procurement data visibility.
  • Data quality.
  • Supplier ranking.
  • Reporting.

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