Commodity Classification

Ensuring accurate and comprehensive procurement data

Commodity Classification integrates and cleanses disparate procurement data, and classifies your spend information into meaningful categories.

For effective supplier analysis, it provides normalization and can enrich supplier information with third-party data. The result is accurate, clear and comprehensive procurement information – the best foundation for sourcing strategy.


Develop sourcing strategies based on reliable data.

Because SAS provides a reliable, detailed and comprehensive knowledge base, executives can trust the validity of follow-on analysis for making procurement decisions.

Get a holistic view of your supplier relationships.

Consolidate fragmented supplier data for a single, comprehensive view of your relationships and augment that picture with third-party information to determine the most critical supplier relationships.

Understand true volumes per commodity and supplier.

Because the solution classifies spend information into meaningful categories, you can determine the true volumes spent on a commodity or a supplier. With organized, accurate spend information you can drive procurement strategically.


  • Automated extraction and cleansing of data.
  • Rules-based commodity classification.
  • Supplier normalization and enrichment.
  • User-friendly interface.

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