SAS for Model Risk Management

SAS® for Model Risk Management

Identify, measure, manage and monitor the risks inherent in your models

Significantly reduce your model risk. Improve your decision making and financial
performance. Meet regulatory demands. Our comprehensive model risk management solution includes a centralized model inventory and provides support for end-to-end model valida­tion and model candidate assessment processes, as well as effective challenges and remediation – all workflow-enabled via a web interface.


Establish a comprehensive model risk management framework.

SAS provides a complete framework for model risk management that governs the entire model development and risk management life cycle. This helps ensure that your models are fully understood, the risk exposures they represent are quantified, and all models, their input data and key underlying assumptions are continuously verified, properly managed and maintained. It also makes it easier to defend model quality to regulators.

Make model assessment a part of the model development life cycle.

Our solution includes capabilities for identifying, measuring, managing and monitoring the risks inherent in your models. Model assessment tools facilitate the assessment of model candidates as well as the reassessment of models at set intervals, including model validation. Model tracking tools use indicators to track model performance. You can also configure the system to send alerts to model governance units based on defined triggers.

Create an inventory of all your models.

A centralized model inventory captures both in-house and third-party models – as well as all model attributes and metadata – regardless of model type or the technology used to develop them. Models can be classified by family, business unit or any other factors you define. You can also attach documents to models.

Easily create and disseminate reports.

Create model performance reports and send them to model owners or to the model risk management team. You can configure validation reports to be sent automatically to users and regulators for compliance purposes.



SAS for Model Risk Management
  • Comprehensive risk data management. Ensures that the data used to develop, validate and monitor your models is complete, accurate and timely, appropriately aggregated and effectively governed.
  • Centralized model inventory. Provides complete document and workflow management, regardless of model type, source or development technology.
  • Flexible workflow capabilities. Model-specific workflows facilitate appropriate level and extend of collaboration among stakeholders, so more critical models get appropriate care.
  • Dashboards. Model performance tracking and monitoring dashboards provide senior management and the board with a solid understanding of model risk.

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Chartis positions SAS as a category leader in the Chartis RiskTech Quadrant for Model Risk Management Systems 2014.

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