Wins From the Southern Africa Region

Southern Africa skipped spring and jump immediately into a warm summer during September with incredible wins through our SAS Alliances community. Through great collaboration and partnering between FACTS Consulting, Matthew Bray and Derek Dreyer, they closed Procurement Fraud of $150k through Wesbank, a first in South Africa. Additionally a new partner Flavic Investment closed a $75k customer order under 6 weeks in Sierra Leone for SAS, with the assistance of Antoinette Edodo.

This confirms that with the right solutions in play and the assistance of local partners in country we can achieve wonders.  SAS Southern Africa notice a renewed participation and commitment from our Alliances and Resellers due to continuous communication and focus on building a strong competency and sell value through the SAS solutions and products within our region. The energy is back within the partner community and SAS Southern Africa are committed to better partnering and training to drive more successes within the region in the coming quarters.