How SAS AML can help your organization?

SAS offer a proven AML solution that is used by many financial institutions internationally and in KSA. SAS AML provides the following:

  • An automated alert generation for transactions, Know Your Customer, Customer Due Diligence and more..
  • A single centralized case management system to provide a user friendly web application access for your employees
  • Identification of PEPs
  • Watch list monitoring including UN lists of counterterrorist finacing (CFT) that can be continuously updated
  • Ability to report to SAMA on suspicious cases

SAS operates globally and locally with a local base in KSA and local consultants are available to support its KSA customers.

For more information, below is a link to the SAS AML site where you can access the fact sheet (click here), solution whitepaper (click here) and more

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