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Increase profitability for your retail business by understanding customers and forecasting demand

Retail Analytics From SAS

Discover how data and AI solutions help retailers provide the best experience across channels while assessing and optimizing for demand.

Plan demand to align with strategic goals.

Efficiently coordinate marketing plans across your organization.

Generate accurate, high-quality forecasts.

Understand the drivers of cost and profitability in your business.

Ensure the right products are available in every store and across every channel.

Create customer segments based on analytical intelligence.

Customer Success

Retailers working smarter with SAS

  • Making life easier for customers with relevant offers & information

    dm-drogerie markt and its IT subsidiary dmTECH use SAS Customer Intelligence 360 to develop personalized, real-time solutions to address every customer's unique needs.

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    Significantly improving forecast accuracy, availability & inventory while creating healthy uplifts in revenue

    SAS helped an online grocer:

    • Improve forecast accuracy by 12%.
    • Achieve a 5%-20% increase in on-shelf performance.
    • Reduce inventory 10%-30%.
    • Increase revenues 2%-5%.

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