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Technology helping humanity.

Some of our stories begin and end with numbers on a screen.

But the ones we’re most proud of have a personal impact. When SAS technology plays a role in improving lives, we know our work is making a difference.

Every single one of those tents represents a family. Understanding what’s possible is how you end up closing camps, getting people back home and helping them to move on with their lives.
Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly, IOM Regional Emergency and Post-Crisis Advisor
After SAS Analytics identified the location of housing materials to help families affected by an earthquake.

Breakthroughs that put us on the brink of discovery.

Physician having conversation with patient

Looking Forward to a Healthy Future

Is that twinge in your chest harmless, or a sign of a heart problem? Find out how a health care technology company is working with SAS Analytics to find ways to alert you to medical emergencies.

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Revealing the Secrets of Space

The mysteries of the universe have been too vast for scientists to tackle – but SAS Visual Analytics may be changing that. Our technology applied to big data is helping scientists seeking to understand space.

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