Complimentary Webcast Series

Connecting, Collaborating and Coordinating –
How the 3Cs are defining the insurance landscape on distribution and customer experience

19 August 2020, Wednesday | 2:00 PM PHT

About the webcast: 

Insurance is at the front and center on digitalization and transformation initiatives. The pandemic has led to an acceleration of digital adoption and changing the engagement model the insurers have with their customers and distribution channels.

Relying on data and analytics to drive intelligent decisioning, insurers are embarking on programs to build loyalty, improve sales effectiveness, generate unique customer experience programs and secure the necessary capital adequacy to survive and thrive in this new normal world of working.

The accelerated path to such adoption means insurers will need to have a set of scalable technology that can meet their enterprise-wide demands, a strong team of implementers who can take this technology and realize the vision and objectives set forth in the mandate.

In such a transformation journey, challenges will abound and culturally organizations will need to prepare themselves by - upskilling their workforce, influencing and adapting to the utilization of data driven insights and achieving synchronicity of messaging across the distribution channels for client personalization.

In this joint SGV and SAS webinar, we will share best practices and thoughts around the areas of accelerating digital transformation and distribution strategy, increase sales conversion through quality leads without comprising on the unique customer experience and new initiatives embarked on by insurers to improve branding and awareness in such times.

Session Highlights: 

  • Accelerate digital transformation strategy and rethink distribution strategy.
  • Increase customer experience through quality leads.
  • Gamification in insurance: unique user experience to improve branding and generate awareness.

Webcast Speakers: 

Kenneth Koh
Director of Insurance, Global Practice, SAS

Kenneth is an experienced management executive with more than 18 years of experience in marketing and distribution management, having worked for global insurance institutions including AIG, ACE and AXA, with focus on marketing/ business transformation and effectiveness in area of marketing and customer relationship management.

With SAS, Kenneth has supported transformation activities of FSI and commercial clients to become more customer centric using hybrid of technology and business advisory work. Provided business advisory support to help customers develop their business strategies using data driven analytics in CRM and distribution management and participated in projects involving customer analytics, campaign management and online marketing.

Jan Saludo
Customer Intelligence Practice lead, SAS

Jan is an experienced technology consultant with more than 10 years of experience in implementing both ground up and package CEM solutions for different companies across different industries including banking and finance, retail and telecommunications. 

He specializes in Customer Experience Management, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, Campaign Management and Operational CRM solutions. As a Customer Intelligence Practice lead at SAS, Jan is responsible for assisting the account teams in providing the right solutions to customers and making sure that businesses are getting the advantages of the solution to further accelerate their digital marketing process.

Mark Niesta
Risk Practice Lead, SAS

Analytics Practitioner for over 15 years, enabling business results for both PH Customers and Fortune 500 Clients. Mark has been working in SAS for 8 years under Customer Advisory.  Started by growing the Data Management business and productized the Philippine Data Quality Knowledge Base. 

He worked closely with key FSI Customers by expanding their Analytics capabilities and help create process efficiencies. Today Mark as Risk Analytics and Marketing Analytics Lead is focused to work with customers seeking to build a Unified Risk Platform: addressing various use cases such as Risk Modeling and Decisioning, IFRS9, IFRS17, Stress Testing, Model Risk Management among others. The rigor and discipline in Risk Analytics is transferable across domains especially in Marketing Analytics.  COVID-19 has forced every business private and public to adapt to move online channels to communicate, sell and keep engaged with customers.  According to IMF on April 2020: The world economy will experience the worst recession since the Great Depression.  We are here to help develop and deploy proven analytics solutions, during times of crisis SAS has been there for customers, together we can move forward to survive this crisis like no other.

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