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Optimizing Revenue & Loyalty in Retail Industry
In this session, learn how retail companies can reveal their customer’s lifestyle and preferences, their products pricing competitiveness, and promotional effectiveness to improve revenues and sustain loyalty.

Patron Value Optimization for Hospitality and Gaming Industries
In this session, know how you can get up-to-date performance information any time you need it – right down to the individual machine or game – you could make changes designed to keep patrons engaged and happy.

Contextualizing Offers in Marketing
In this session, know how analytics can help organizations visually explore data to spot trends, patterns and hidden insights to use to design a strategy, confirm a hypothesis or identify a new idea to further their business.

SAS in a Hadoop World
In this session, learn the high-level view of SAS’ place in the Hadoop ecosystem.

Analyzing Social Media Sentiments
In this session, see how Visual Analytics will allow organizations to hear and understand the latest buzz in Social Media leading them to see trends for their brands and strategize to connect with more people harnessing the power of the web.

Portfolio Risk Management for Banking
In this session, financial institutions will be able to learn how to get fast, thorough understanding of portfolio risk across various lines of business or product types– and how changing market conditions will affect them – to better manage exposure and make well-informed decisions.

Fraud Detection & Mitigation in Service & Utilities Industries
In this session, companies will learn how high-performance analytics can gain valuable insights from big data and lets you connect dots between seemingly unrelated events and hidden relationships.

Next Generation Business Performance Management
In this session, learn how SAS Visual Analytics can help you improve costs, drive profitable growth and plan your business’ future.

Stat for Non-Stat
In this session, get a good understanding of Statistics and how it can serve as a guide in better decision making.


May 28, 2014 (Wednesday)


09:00 am to 04:30 pm


Rizal Ballroom,
Makati Shangri-la Hotel,
Makati City


Feel free to contact the following:

Zyra Porca or Jade Regaliza


Tel. No.: (+632) 792-2200



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