The Use of Data to Identify Fraud

'The Devil Is in the Data,' Says SAS Institute Director David Hartley

About this eBook:

A perfect storm is brewing for fraudsters. On one hand, the economic turmoil, triggered by the pandemic, is increasing and accelerating insurance fraud. On the other, we see the insurance industry move many of their business processes online – something which the criminals love too. In this ebook, David Hartley, Global Director, Fraud and Financial Crime Practice, SAS outlines how we can better identify and mitigate insurance fraud and why the “Devil is in the Data”. ​

Topics covered include: ​  ​

  • The various typologies of fraud and the challenges insurers face when it comes to detecting and mitigating them;​
  • How insurers can make better use of their data to identify and protect against fraud;​
  • How to develop strong anti-fraud capabilities whilst avoiding customer friction.​

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