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Turning Data Science into Business Value

Ever wondered why you’re creating a specific report? How your work contributes to the business?

About the webinar

Data Science is a means to an end, but many practitioners have a limited understanding of the organisation or how their work contributes. Learn how to establish a Data Science team that understands the end to end process and delivers real business value.

Why attend?

  • Understand the importance of what you do
  • Learn how to establish a Data Science Team that delivers real business value

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About the Expert

Peter Condon
Western Power
Data Science Team Leader

Peter is the Data Science Team Leader at Western Power and has worked in Data Science and Data Engineering roles for over 15 years across a range of sections, including Energy, Finance, Retail, and Telecommunications. He has extensive experience in the end to end implementation of fully automated machine learning solutions to create business value and deliver insights that challenge conventional wisdom. As an advocate for the practical application of emerging technologies, he has driven the adoption of new tools and techniques across Australia and overseas, and continues to encourage investigation into leading-edge theories.