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Participate in the SAS Cortex Analytics Simulation 5 Day Challenge

Monday 27-Apr-2020 08:00 AEDT  to Friday 1-May-2020 18:00 AEDT 


Cortex is an online simulation game where participants learn analytics skills using SAS predictive modeling technology for a non-profit organization.

The game teaches users how to use predictive models to make business decisions.


About the Challenge

Cortex is an analytics simulation game developed by SAS and HEC Montreal.

How it Works

In Cortex, players are working for a non-profit organization. They have a data set of 1 million potential donors. Build a predictive model to figure out who to contact about donating to the organization.

This simulation game tests your predictive modeling skills. Players upload your results to an online leader board as you compete against your peers.

Whoever builds the best model after the 5 day challenge wins $1000 AUD EFTPOS card prize. There is a USD$50 entry fee; this provides you with access to SAS software in the cloud, the dataset, case study, daily webinars and how-to videos.

Participants get the chance to hone their skills, and receive a SAS Badge for their resume.


This event is no longer available for registration.


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Webinar - Day 1
Demo of game from start to finish;
i.e. from login to submission on the leaderboard 

Webinar - Day 2
Tips on how to improve your model
(i.e. hyper-tuning parameters)

Webinar - Day 3
Open Q&A 

Webinar - Day 4
Round 2
(uplift modeling) 

Webinar - Day 5
Open Q&A 

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