Ask the Expert Webinar Series

How Can I Advance My Machine Learning Applications?


About the webinar

Join this webinar to learn the key benefits of using SAS® Visual Machine Learning and how SAS supports your migration to this platform.

With SAS Visual Machine Learning, you can broaden your analytics with machine learning and deep learning capabilities that are accessible across your organization for better visualization and reporting.

You will learn:

  • How building machine learning pipelines and finding good models through Model Studio is easy.
  • About SAS tools that are well-integrated covering the full analytics life cycle.
  • How intelligent automation combined with human oversight provides robust decision making.
  • Which tools can support your transition from SAS® Enterprise Miner™ to SAS Visual Machine Learning.

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About the Experts

Jonathan Butow
Senior Systems Engineer, SAS

Jonathan is an analytics professional with over 10 years data science experience in the field. Jonathan always likes to keep one step ahead when it comes to technology innovation and works closely with SAS customers and R&D on each iteration of the SAS technology. He is a university and hackathon mentor with a focus on innovation, digital transformation and real time streaming analytics. He has contributed to high-value analytical applications across diverse industries including energy and utilities, Fraud and financial crimes and government. He recently hosted the SAS IoT booth at SAS Global Forum and provided customers with a view into what the future looks like for SAS technology.

Joe Chea (Host)
Senior Customer Success Manager, SAS

Joe is an Organisational Psychologist with over 15 years professional experience across data science, customer and marketing analytics, market research and operational excellence, including change management. Joe has consulted across a range of industries including financial services, telecommunications, hospitality, transport and logistics and government. Prior to joining SAS, Joe led NAB Marketing’s Performance Analytics team and was a Data Scientist at ANZ.