Self-service data preparation

SAS Data Preparation

Quickly prepare data for analytics using machine learning and AI suggestions – without coding, needing specialized skills or relying on IT.

Get the business insights you need – on your own. Act quickly. Make decisions confidently. Work more efficiently.

Be more productive by working autonomously.

No need for specialized skills. No coding or SQL required. Our visual interface makes data preparation easy by removing technical barriers and enabling you to blend, wrangle and shape data on your own – where it is then integrated as part of your reporting and analytics pipeline. This frees IT to focus on more strategic work, while you get insights needed to investigate data at will.

Prepare data faster so you're ready for action.

Minimize the time you spend preparing data so you can spend more time analyzing it. Prebuilt transformations and data cleansing functions run in memory to increase processing speed. Advanced analytics, data visualization and data preparation capabilities are seamlessly combined. The result? You have more time to explore data, get answers and react to situations in near-real time.

Reuse data preparation tasks for more efficiency.

Duplicated work wastes valuable time. SAS Data Preparation helps you share automatically generated code with IT so it can be scheduled to run during every source data update. You can also save data preparation plans to be used by others. Shared work leads to more productivity – and everyone benefits.

Collaborate with other team members.

Working with multiple members of your team on the same project has never been easier. With SAS Data Preparation you can share jobs as centrally managed assets. Project activity feeds can be set to notify teams and individuals of changes and updates. You can share and reuse tasks and existing plans, post updates and work together to boost productivity and generate more value from your data.

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Free Trial

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Key Features

With self-service data preparation from SAS, you can access, profile, cleanse and transform data using an intuitive interface. Get the job done without an IT or data specialist.

Data access, preparation & quality

Access, profile, cleanse and transform data using an intuitive interface that provides self-service data preparation capabilities with embedded AI.

Custom chatbot creation

Create and deploy custom, natural language chatbots via an intuitive, low-code visual interface for chatbot-enabled insights and conversational user experiences​.

Data visualization

Visually explore data and create and share smart visualizations and interactive reports through a single, self-service interface. Augmented analytics and advanced capabilities accelerate insights and help you uncover stories hidden in your data​.

Access data from multiple sources

Access data from flat files, relational data sources, social media, SAS data sets, Hadoop, data lakes, the cloud, Teradata, CSV or text files, or any source defined by licensed SAS/ACCESS® software.

Ability to code

Technical users who prefer to code to access SAS Data Quality routines from SAS code or third-party coding languages (e.g., Python).

Built-in data quality & integration

Prebuilt transformations and data cleansing functions assist data scientists and business users in the exploration, refinement and transformation of data analytical readiness.

Fast, in-memory processing of data

Quickly prepare data for analysis with combined advanced analytics, data visualization and data preparation capabilities. Speed performance with bulk data movement, including parallel read/write for some sources.

Integration into analytics pipeline

Automatically integrate prepared data into the analytics pipeline, creating a seamless data discovery and data preparation user experience.

Machine learning & AI suggestions

Machine learning and AI capabilities scan data and make intelligent transformation suggestions. Accept suggestions and complete transformations at the click of a button –no advanced or complex coding required.

Cloud native

SAS Viya's architecture is compact, cloud native and fast. Whether you prefer to use the SAS Cloud or a public or private cloud provider, you'll be able to make the most of your cloud investment.

Available on Your Preferred Cloud Provider

Conquer all your analytics challenges with faster decisions in the cloud.

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