Become a Partner

Become a Partner

SAS® Alliance Overview


The SAS Alliance is a network of strategic partnerships that creates new avenues for delivering and implementing SAS solutions. Together, we align our go-to-market initiatives and center those activities around solving our collective customers' most critical business challenges.

SAS has continued to strengthen our portfolio and grow our customer base while increasing our focus on alliances. Partnering is paying off for all of us. We have jointly delivered countless solutions to the complex issues our customers face.

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Program Categories

Technology Program

Technology program members drive targeted lead-generation programs to support our joint revenue initiatives and offer a variety of services to joint and potential customers. These services include: system sizing, configuration options, benchmarking, system optimization and performance testing.

Consulting Program

This program works to establish and grow targeted SAS solution practices with other leading business organizations around the world. Members provide project management, training, business process redesign, proof-of-concept implementations and systems integration to deliver powerful and repeatable solutions built with SAS applications and software.

Application Program

This program is designed to encourage and promote the integration of strategic SAS technologies and applications into third-party software to extend the coverage of SAS in specific market segments and provides customers with world-class intelligence solutions. Select application and software vendors provide superior technology and software that can be integrated into SAS to provide customers with comprehensive, high-quality solutions and assures extensive quality testing and validation.

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the SAS Alliance, which provides the framework for developing partner relationships between SAS and select organizations. SAS maintains a wide variety of partner relationships, but the common thread is proven expertise in the industry and in SAS software. Our partners range in size from small firms with exceptional SAS software implementation capabilities to global organizations that can provide enterprise SAS software solutions. Better service to our customers is the primary objective of these alliances.

At SAS we've built an outstanding reputation for providing and supporting quality software applications and solutions. The alliance application process helps us ensure that partner organizations meet our high expectations and standards. All applications undergo rigorous review to ensure that joint customers receive outstanding technology and customized solutions from SAS partners.


  • Complete the SAS Alliance application.
  • Provide references from SAS customers.
  • Have dedicated consultants with SAS software expertise.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to maintain and develop SAS software implementation skills and expertise.
  • Describe goals of the partnership and anticipated measurable results.

For detailed information concerning SAS Alliance requirements and benefits, please review the SAS Alliance Program Guide (PDF).

Partner Certification

The SAS Certification program is available to all SAS Alliance Partners, contractors and internal staff. Attaining SAS Certification is a crowning and distinguishing professional achievement. The SAS Certification program intent is to set a clear technical competency demarcation and experience standards to reward our customers with a highest level of satisfaction.

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SAS Alliance Program Guide

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