Handelsbanken has signed a contract with SAS Institute for a global solution to prevent financial crime and terrorist financing

SAS Institute and Svenska Handelsbanken initiate a collaboration in order to implement a global platform which enables Handelsbanken to further synchronize and align its processes combating financial crime, money laundering and terrorist financing.

"Financial crime is a global challenge that is rapidly increasing in complexity due to digital transformation and globalization. Increased numbers of cross border transactions do not only demand automation, but also intelligence-driven capabilities to identify anomalies in behavior from across many disparate data sources. Analytics are at the core of SAS’ financial crime capabilities and form the foundation of successfully combating financial crime", says Stu Bradley, Vice President of Fraud & Security Intelligence at SAS Institute.

Based on the exponential development of financial crime, it is of outmost importance to further develop the ability to support the bank’s employees in their daily work. The goal is not only to identify and investigate suspicious alerts – but to identify, adapt and develop new scenarios to counter new modus operandum from the criminal networks. A rapid deployment from development to production of changes to support and optimize work processes cross departments and functions is therefore a must to meet the challenges of the future.

"Financial crime is a global activity which is changing rapidly. In order to prevent that the bank is being used for criminal activity Handelsbanken requires a solution which combines a stable and flexible platform with advanced financial crime analytics, AI and other modern technologies. We have put a lot of effort into finding a global partner with which we can develop strategically over time", says Marie-Louise Dunberg, Head of Development for Financial Crime at Handelsbanken.

The goal is a common architecture, to support global processes, for transaction monitoring, customer screening, customer due diligence, risk classification, transaction screening, investigations, reporting and financial crime analytics.

"We are honored being chosen as the strategic partner by Handelsbanken, welcoming our joint future work combating the increasing threat against our society that financial crime represents. That SAS technology and knowledge will enable safeguarding Handelsbanken, their customers and society at large are of outmost importance to us", says Ola Ringström, Managing Director at SAS Institute in Sweden.



Ola Ringström, SAS Institute, ola.ringstrom@sas.com, 08-52217000
Marie-Louise Dunberg, Handelsbanken, madu05@handelsbanken.se, 08-7011000

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