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Career Connections
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Hiring early-career talent is a smart move for your business. Find out why, then connect with potential employees.

Top Qualities of Early-Career Talent

They're independent and self-motivated, seeking help only after they've tried to solve problems on their own.

They're more diverse than other generations, bringing new perspectives and experiences to your organization.

As digital natives, they tend to learn new technologies easily and are always looking for ways to innovate.

Competitive, purposeful and career-driven, this generation doesn't hesitate to go after what it wants.

Tips for recruiting talent and using Ribit, a networking site that's partnered with SAS.

  • Review your posting to be sure you're communicating your corporate values and job description to potential employees.
  • Is your posting telling the story about your business that you want it to tell? Remember that potential hires will be reading your posting as part of their research.
  • Define the type of employee you're looking for and write a job description that targets a specific skill set.
  • Publish educational materials to help students sharpen their skills and focus their talents before they graduate.
  • Create an account on Ribit (or find your existing account) and connect with early career talent.
  • Contact Ribit about holding an event.

Academic Institutions Teaching SAS®

Check out our list of institutions that have integrated SAS into their curriculums, so you can focus your search on graduates who have specific skills.

Get your team up to speed.

Handshake is used by more than 1,000 colleges and universities and features 7 million profiles.

Assess your team members' needs so you can understand where they are and where they need to go to achieve your business goals. Go to the Learning Needs Assessment.

Help your team gain data science skills and boost analytics skills with our intensive academy. Go to the SAS Academy for Data Science page.

Take advantage of our best training discount. Save up to 30% on your team's training needs. Go to the SAS Training Points page.

I’m not only pleased to use SAS as a software solution, but also to leverage their vast, global network of higher education institutions to help us identify and attract outstanding early-career talent. John Barnshaw Vice President, Research & Data Science Ad Astra


SAS and Ribit can help connect you with potential employees.

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