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Tuesday 21 September AND Wednesday 29, 2021 • 1:00pm AEST

Given the unusual circumstances and challenges faced over the last years, make the coming years a fresh set of opportunities for people “in Analytics” to make a real difference in the world.

In Part 1 -  SAS Analytics is Everywhere Seminar with Demo of SAS Viya for Learners. Presented by SAS Senior Analytics Advisors Michela Guimaraes and Jayne Sales, together with Lily Clarke who will be  showcasing a live demo of the SAS platform.  

In Part 2 - Connecting businesses with talented students through the platform. Presented by Jemma Lang Product Owner, from Stone & Chalk l AustCyber showcasing a live demo of the SAS platform.

Thousands of skilled students have been connecting with organisations in need of SAS skills, see the Alumni stories here.

AWARD:  By participating and joining both series for complete duration, you’ll go in the draw to win an AMA mentoring session with a SAS professional.

About the webinar

Part 1 of 2
SAS Analytics is Everywhere Seminar with Demo of SAS Viya for Learners Tuesday 21 September 2021 | 1pm AEST (60 Mins)

For Curious, Passionate, and Creative people. In part 1 seminar, learn how you can make a real difference in the world with a career in Data. The applications of Data are everywhere around you, and new applications are only limited by your imagination. Register for student access to the analytical discovery platform SAS Viya for Learners and follow the instructions to log in and proceed ahead.

Part 2 of 2 – Connecting businesses with talented students through the platform.
Wednesday 29 September2021 | 1pm AEST ( 60 Mins)

Return for part 2 seminar to hear how SAS Helps STEM students pursue a career in Analytics and Data Science and be introduced to the platform: its features, and the benefits of using it.

SAS customers are looking for quality analytics and SAS skilled talent. With the predicted shortage of Data Scientists, SAS Academic Outreach program supports academia and the introduction of talented students to SAS customers.

Get connected to SAS customers looking for students like you and kick start your career! Through; Learn how to connect with employers from innovative companies for employment internship, and graduate opportunities. The Ribit platform uses a recommendation system to match YOU to employers based on your skills and studies.

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Part 1 -  SAS Analytics is Everywhere Seminar with Demo of SAS Viya for Learners


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