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Creating analytical models is easy.
Relying on their output to run a business is not.

As analytics becomes pervasive standard operating paradigms for data management are being challenged, in some cases new models compliment established practices while others are on a collision course.

Successfully responding to this change requires a shift in the operating models we are willing to consider, however we are not necessarily implying an either/or proposition. It’s no coincidence the new tech titans who grew up digital are now deploying staid data warehouses as a component of their data-infused, analytical ecosystems.

If you’re responsible for data management or analytics, you’ll want to join this webinar.
This is a free educational session designed to arm you with industry trends and practical advice such as:

  • How traditional data management approaches fall short.
  • How to align your data supply chain with key analytics delivery.
  • Best practices for delivering value from data management.
  • Case studies from those who have actually turned their data into an asset.


Anne BUff

Anne Buff
Thought Leader,
SAS Best Practices


Kimberly Nevala

Kimberly Nevala
Director of Business Strategies,
SAS Best Practices


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