Vince Morder

Manager of Analytics, Strategy and Research, Loyalty NZ
Employed for 19 years doing statistical modelling, SAS programming, and database marketing for government, banks, and most recently, Loyalty New Zealand. The first part of Vince’s career was in the U.S. He developed neural network models for Chase Manhattan Bank to segment their retail customer base. At both MBNA America and CapitalOne, he was responsible for marketing and risk models and managed teams of statisticians. Vince’s NZ experience includes work with the Ministry of Social Development where he developed spatial models to measure the value of MSD’s Active Labour Market Programmes. At BNZ and ANZ in Wellington, Vince was responsible for developing models for credit card and retail bank marketing. And at ANZ National Bank, Vince led the SAS coding team to calculate the bank’s Basel II exposures for RBNZ and Australian compliance. Vince has been with LNZ for over 4 years where he has been Analytics Manager and most recently, Manager of Analytics, Strategy and Research for the LAB360 business unit.

At Loyalty, Vince successfully implemented Loyalty’s marketing campaign engine, developed the Final Prepare datasets and has successfully implemented the SAS MO product to optimise marketing campaigns across all Loyalty’s partners. In June 2012, Vince was invited to speak at SAS International Headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, USA to speak as an expert in the field of data mining. Most recently, Vince has been asked to sit on the Data Management and Analytics Advisory Group (DMAAG) for the NZ Ministry of Social Development.

Jonathan Wexler

SAS Analytics Product Management, SAS HQ
Jonathan Wexler is the Principal Product Manager responsible for SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS High-Performance Analytics. His responsibilities include gathering market-driven requirements from customers, partners, prospects, analysts and other external resources in order to set future product direction. He has a particular passion for bringing to market products that enable operationalising the analytical lifecycle. Jonathan is an experienced statistician and data miner with more than 18 years of experience using SAS. Jonathan has served as a speaker for the SAS Analytics Conference Series and SAS Global Forum.

Natalie Mendes

Product Marketing Manager, Analytics, SAS Australia and New Zealand
Natalie Mendes is SAS Australia and New Zealand Product Marketing Manager for Analytics. Her primary efforts are centered on insuring SAS continues to deliver market viable and industry leading business analytics offerings.

Natalie completed a bachelors in Statistics and Computer Science at Swinburne University in Melbourne in which helped obtain her first professional role as an assistant statistician at Victoria’s Country Fire Authority. From there, Natalie secured a role at ANZ Bank as a credit risk analyst, developing credit scorecards and determining the risk of a customer to repay loans. As a SAS programmer (in those days), Natalie moved industries and became a pre-sales business solutions specialist, selling leading edge SAS software and solving complex business problems for large and small businesses. To name a few:

  • Social Network Analytics for Telcos
  • Credit Risk for Banking
  • Customer Segmentation for Retail

Natalie has been in the business analytics industry for 18 years and continues to help customers solve business problems, using the power of analytics to delve deep inside data to uncover insightful information and provide for accurate decision making.

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