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Webinar Series: Forecasting

We all like seeing our favourite products on special but there's much more to running a promotion than simply deciding to cut prices.

SAS Forecasting enables companies like Nestlé Oceania to generate high quality forecasts quickly and automatically, allowing them to plan more effectively for the future.

Nestlé Oceania Demand Manager, Davis Wu, says for a fast moving consumer goods organisation, accuracy around demand planning is crucial.

For the third webinar in the SAS Advanced Analytics Webinar Series, we will showcase SAS Forecasting through the customer lens. This webinar will demonstrate how improved insights, through demand planning, have given Nestlé the competitive edge.

Learn how SAS Forecasting can benefit organisations with accurate planning and hear how Davis Wu discusses the importance of accurate forecasts to drive business success.

Don’t forget, you must join the webinar live for your chance to win a Google Nexus tablet!

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