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The SAS Enterprise Analytics Forum is an exclusive group of architects and business leaders interested in enabling analytics at the enterprise level. Its mission is to foster collaboration around the innovation practices and strategic uses of analytics in enterprise class platforms.

The forum meets once a quarter in Wellington for an interactive presentation led by an enterprise analytics expert. The session is video-streamed live to the SAS office in Auckland and is followed by an extended Q&A plus roundtable discussion.

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Enterprise Analytics: It Shouldn't Be This Hard
Presented by Inland Revenue Senior Advisor Rohan Light and SAS Senior Systems Engineer Wessel De Meyer

Enterprise level analytics investments disrupt the conventional BI business model. Consider the following:

  1. Industrial-era, functional-oriented business models impose deadweight costs at the enterprise level.
  2. Post-analytics business models are unique, emergent and require substantial re-negotiation.
  3. Analytics potential gets realised via the flexibility of networks not the rigidity of hierarchies.

Join Rohan and Wessel as they explain the real world challenges of enterprise analytics and how you can break through the noise and emerge triumphant in this space. Presentation followed by Q&A and roundtable discussion.




9:15–10:30......Keynote presentation: Enterprise Analytics: It Shouldn't Be This Hard

10:30–10:45....Q&A with Rohan and Wessel

10:45–11:00.....Roundtable discussion

Event Details

10 December 2014

9:00-11:00 a.m.

SAS Wellington
Level 12, 89 The Terrace

SAS Auckland
Level 24 BDO Tower
120 Albert Street





Scott Wotring
(04) 890-0840

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