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Eddie Moore, CEO Football NSW

Kicking Business Goals through Analytics and Data

Eddie will share his experience over a few short months and how Football NSW has transformed its data into a competitive weapon.

The Australian sports market is highly competitive but with an IT department of one, Football NSW needed a solution that was business friendly and easy to manage.

Eddie Moore, CEO Football NSW

Eddie will discuss the insight they visualised from their data and the key decisions made to act on it. There are three key initiatives across marketing, sales, finance and operations that Eddie will discuss in detail:

  1. Improve customer experience and community engagement of a growing membership by understanding the membership demographics of players, referees and coaches.
  2. Monitor and improve infrastructure and operations to ensure efficient deployment of resources to support the growth and efficient deployment of resources.
  3. Improve marketing and sponsorship efforts by understanding customer demographics, participation levels and geographical distribution.

About Eddie Moore

Tim Coltman, Professor of Management at the University of Wollongong, Australia

Challenges Facing the Adoption of Analytics

University of Wollongong is conducting local and global research to shed light on how organisations are maximising the value out of their data-driven and business analytics initiatives.

<p>Tim Coltman, University of Wollongong</p>

Tim will combine over 15 years of industry experience combined with current research to reveal key insights into organisational challenges and behavioural issues and what best practices have been adopted to succeed.

About Tim Coltman

Evan Stubbs, Chief Analytics Officer SAS

Practical Guide to Data Driven Leadership

Evan will provide you with an overview of the key capabilities you need to get started and be successful. Evan has written three books based on his experience with hundreds of Australian and international customers explaining what makes companies successful in leveraging analytics in all parts of their business to gain insight on customers for marketing optimisation, supply chain for greater efficiencies, citizen policy for improved welfare and better resource utlilisation.

Evan will share his vast experience of local and international customers to discuss the best places to start and describe the types of business value that can be achieved across marketing, finance and operations.

About Evan Stubbs

Evan Stubbs, Chief Analytics Officer SAS


Evan Stubbs Books

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