On-Demand Webinar

Predictive Maintenance: A More Proactive and ROI-Driven Business Model

Increase uptime and reduce unnecessary capital expenditures with predictive maintenance

About the webinar

Just as equipment evolves to keep up with advances and changing standards, so too should standards for maintaining it.

Rather than depending on preventive maintenance that may or may not be necessary, forward-thinking manufacturing and transportation organizations today save money and avoid expensive breakdowns and downtime with predictive maintenance (PdM).

They’re using AI and real-time analytics to detect operating anomalies that predict trouble before it starts – enabling operators to act at the earliest possible moment.

Join us for this panel discussion featuring experts in IoT, manufacturing and transportation.

We will discuss:

  • Predictive maintenance at scale: Explore how AI-embedded predictive maintenance efforts can be scaled across an enterprise-level company.
  • Monetization and cost savings: Learn how companies can monetize PdM services and avoid unnecessary capital expenditures.
  • Motivation beyond end-of-life run times: Gain a better understanding of the long-term benefits of PdM, such as reducing downtime, increasing uptime and saving costs.

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About the Experts

Bryan Saunders
Global Director & Head of Industry Consulting, IoT Division, SAS

Sanjeev Heda
Principal Industry Consultant for IoT, SAS

Angie Edgington
Principal Industry Consultant for Manufacturing, SAS

Nate Cox
Senior Presales Solution Architect for Manufacturing, SAS

Naomi Kaduwela
Head of Kavi Labs & Value Engineering, Kavi Global