SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 Learning Subscription

All the e-Learning you need. One purchase.

The comprehensive learning subscription helps you learn SAS Customer Intelligence 360, expand skills, measure value and train new hires. It's a convenient, flexible way to get training when and where it's needed – all in one purchase.

What You Get


Unlimited access to all SAS Customer Intelligence 360 e-Learning and video tutorials.

Digital Badging

Complete a course and receive a digital badge that you can share on social media sites.

Up-to-Date Content

New e-Learning added as it’s developed so you have access to the most current training.


Usage & Completion Reports

Usage & Completion Reports: Set training goals and measure team progress with easy-to-use reports.

See Where You Are. 
Plan Where You Want to Be.

Tracking your progress with data visualization and analytics isn't just a fun way to stay motivated – it's also how you set objectives and measure success. 

If you're a manager, you can set up a robust dashboard and receive regular reports showing your team's progress. It's a powerful tool that helps you monitor development skills – and ultimately benefits your entire organization.

SAS e-learning is user friendly and well-paced. I like that courses are continually upgraded for the newer versions of the software while keeping older versions of training available. 

Purchase Options

Decide which option is right for you, and then get started with your subscription.


Easiest and most cost-effective way to purchase multiple e-learning topics.

12 months of unlimited access.

Only RM8,400/year.


Multiuser discounts help you promote skills development across your entire team.

12 months of unlimited access.

Robust reporting tool helps track your team's learning progress.

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