What's New in SAS® Visual Analytics 8.4

Check out some of the new features available in the latest release. 

Smarter, augmented analytics.

SAS Visual Analytics showing Automated Explanation function on desktop monitor

Hours of exploration in seconds.

Automated Analysis has a new name: Automated Explanation. It has also been rewritten and redesigned from the ground up to give you smarter, clearer insights, more interactivity and easier-to-read explanations. In seconds, you can get the analytical story for your business that would take hours with other products.

See related measures with a click.

SAS Visual Analytics can guide you to better insights from your data. With the related measures feature, you automatically see potential relationships between your measures right in the data pane. A subtle indicator lets you know when selected measures may be related, so you can quickly find relationships to explore further.

SAS Visual Analytics showing related measures on desktop monitor

Get suggested insights based on all your data.

The new Suggestions pane gives you suggested insights based on all your data. It’s the fastest way to get started, whether you want to quickly explore your data, use interesting ways to visualize data or find insights you might have missed.

Power to the report viewers.   

SAS Visual Analytics showing open-ended reports on desktop monitor

Open-ended reports.

Take the guesswork out of creating reports by giving report consumers the ability to make reports their own. Based on the controls you give them, they can change what they see, including legends and chart types. With even more power, they can create self-service queries like filters, ranks and custom groups, and even change business metrics – all with undo and redo.

Control for report authors.

You decide how open-ended you want your reports to be. You can give report consumers permission to make simple edits, more comprehensive edits or even give them the power to gain completely new perspectives from the existing report.

SAS Visual Analytics showing control for report authors on desktop monitor

Saved view states.

As you make changes to your report in View Mode, SAS Visual Analytics remembers your choices. The original report stays the original report. So when you take a break and come back, you can pick up where you left off. You can also reset your report to its original state to see what everyone else is seeing.

Insights where you need them with SAS® Visual Analytics SDK.

SAS Visual Analytics showing Web SDK capabilities on desktop monitor

SAS® insights embedded in your web pages and apps.

The insights you discover with SAS Visual Analytics can now be embedded in your websites and web apps using the new SAS Visual Analytics SDK. You can embed your whole report or individual objects, and give your consumers a completely unique, innovative and customized experience.

Ability to combine insights across reports.

SAS Visual Analytics SDK lets you combine insights from across different reports in one place. Users can even drive interactions and filters on SAS visualizations using interface elements in your web page or web app.

SAS Visual Analytics showing SDK Aquabank on desktop monitor

Let SAS® insights drive your web elements.

As users work with embedded SAS insights, their interactions can be used to drive changes inside your web page or web app. For example, a selection on a bar chart could drive an animation or change what’s displayed on the page.

A richer reporting experience in one place.

SAS Visual Analytics showing a report built with confidence on desktop monitor

Confident report building.

With a single click, you can instantly switch from editing a report to viewing it, and back again. Your reports and dashboards now look and behave consistently, whether you’re viewing or editing.

Working with multiple reports.

Now you can view and edit multiple reports. Quickly switch between open reports, so you can easily copy text, save an object template or data view, and pick it up in another report. 

SAS Visual Analytics showing ability to work with multiple reports on desktop monitor

A more refined viewing experience.

A variety of UI improvements make the viewing experience better than ever: From the new quick start pane – which lets you quickly find your most recent documents, favorites and more – to improved contextual actions and much more.

Do more with your insights.

SAS Visual Analytics showing ability to change chart options with right-click on desktop monitor

Right-click to change chart options.

It’s more convenient than ever to craft the perfect chart. Right-click on your visualization and change its settings where you are. Contextual menus and the format bar provide a more guided experience.

Ad hoc group creation in your visuals.

Now you can create custom groups right on your visualizations with a right-click. Do the bars for “Red” and “Orange” need to be grouped as “Warm Colors”? Select them and group them right on the bar chart, which saves time.

SAS Visual Analytics showing ad hoc group creation on desktop monitor

Ability to freeze columns in list tables.

Freeze columns in a list table as you view a report, just like a spreadsheet. Frozen columns stay visible while you scroll across large tables, enabling you to keep your context or compare data across the list table.

Better reuse, sharing and printing.

SAS Visual Analytics showing template with data on desktop monitor

Reusing objects along with their data.

Object templates let you include data as part of the template. So if you see a pie chart showing revenues by state, you can save it as an object template, drop it in another report and your data will come along.

Easier sharing.

Sharing your reports is even easier. The new share dialog integrates with SAS Drive, so you can quickly let colleagues read or edit your reports. Copying links to your reports is even simpler – and customizable with the new copy link dialog.

SAS Visual Analytics showing sharing ability on desktop monitor

Printing what you see.

By popular demand, we've added printing enhancements that let you print what you see on the screen – in the correct aspect ratio – with just a click from the print menu. It’s a great way to share the insights you discover.

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