JMP® 14 advances the analytics workflow

Newest version of JMP ® eases data access, cleanup, organization, modeling

The latest version of JMP® statistical discovery software from SAS provides users new opportunities for faster, deeper insights across the entire analytics workflow: new ways to connect to data sources, new tools to streamline data cleanup, and more options for data visualization and designed experiments. And with JMP Pro 14, the advanced analytics version of JMP, users have new tools for predictive modeling. Both JMP 14 and JMP Pro 14 are released today.

“When a new JMP version is released, it’s the professional equivalent to opening birthday presents. And with JMP 14, we’re getting a lot of new toys,” says Kevin White, Applied Statistics Group Leader at Eastman Chemical Company.

"As our tables get more numerous, our data gets bigger and our models have more features to encapsulate, we look for improvements to organize, contain and model,” said John Sall, co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS and head of SAS' JMP business unit. “With the release of JMP 14, there are new ways to do all this." Sall marks the launches today with the keynote speech “Projections and Encapsulations” at Discovery Summit Europe in Frankfurt.

JMP® 14 highlights

  • JMP Projects to organize files and manage multiple open windows with a drag-and-drop tabbed interface.
  • New Recode tools and automated routines to get data ready for analysis more quickly.
  • Multiple file import to quickly and accurately combine hundreds – or even thousands – of files into one JMP data table. 
  • Graph Builder improvements including the new packed bars chart, which combines elements from treemaps and Pareto plots; finer graph customization; and easy creation of custom error bars.
  • Interface to Python to connect to Python, send data, execute Python code and return data to JMP for analysis or visualization.
  • HTTP Request to communicate with external web servers through JSL. Addition of JSON parsing functions makes it much easier to get web data into JMP.
  • A-optimality criterion in Custom Design for putting different emphasis on groups of parameters through weighting.
  • New Multiple Factor Analysis for sensory analysis to help identify groupings of similar products and detect outliers that can skew results.
  • Drift detection, Goal Plot, three-way chart calculations and numerous UI improvements in Process Screening platform.
  • Bayesian Inference for Fit Life by X.

JMP® Pro 14 highlights

  • New Functional Data Explorer to understand, clean, align and build models from sensor streams or batch process data.
  • Discriminant analysis in Text Explorer to dig deeper into text.
  • Validation column in Text Explorer for use in a predictive modeling workflow. 
  • More distributions, including more censoring, and multinomial response in Generalized Regression to build models for diverse data.
  • Ability to publish recode columns to the Formula Depot
  • Improvements to K-NN and Naïve Bayes. K-NN adds model selection, and both add profilers.

Early response to JMP® 14 and JMP® Pro 14

“The completely revised JMP Projects offers a very powerful capability for organizing and sharing your work.”

– Beatrice Blum, Statistician, Procter & Gamble

“I can’t imagine a more productive tool for real-world analytical problems and, just as important, the real-world need of convincing end users to act.”

– Sig Mejdal, Special Assistant to the General Manager for Process Improvement, Houston Astros

“The Generalized Regression platform is easy to use and fast. And the ability to create test/validation variables on the fly is great.”

– Dick De Veaux, C. Carlisle and Margaret Tippit Professor of Statistics, Williams College

“JMP is an indispensable asset for any scientist, engineer or data scientist who works with data. JMP turns lifeless data into living information.”

– Cy Wegman, President, SY64 LLC

“With JMP 14, I see innovation in a number of areas but am particularly excited about the advances with Text Explorer and the new JMP Projects capabilities.”

– Greg Nelson, CEO and founder, Thotwave

“The new Between and Within Sigma Capability analysis in the JMP 14 Control Chart Builder is a game changer for validation in the pharmaceutical industry.”

– Per Vase, Managing Partner, NNE

A fully functional 30-day trial of JMP is available free on the JMP website.

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