Ltd chooses SAS® for data-driven growth, improved service to advertisers, and marketing advantage Ltd – Australia’s number one website for classified automotive advertising – has moved to SAS® Intelligent Advertising to provide an integrated, Cloud-based platform for seamless advertising workflow management, forecasting, yield analysis and reporting.

Anthony Saines, carsales’ Commercial Director, said, “It was a big decision to move from our previous supplier but you only do a migration like this if you are convinced it is a better product. We knew SAS was a highly competent vendor and a main advantage for us is that they are not, themselves, a media provider and will therefore never compete with us or profit from our data.”

Each month, carsales serves an average of 150 million ads on mobile devices, 140 million ads on apps, and 330 million ads on desktops. Saines says the ever-increasing volume of online advertising is evidence of how data-driven our world is becoming.

“The future of advertising is all about becoming data rich and understanding more about customers. Having this data means getting sophisticated about ensuring offline and online data is amalgamated, analysed, segmented, and then making the best use of this.”

The insights carsales gains from analysing its data with the SAS solution will also drive the company’s marketing efforts. “With a state-of-the-art ad server, the benefits of a Cloud environment and the ability to forecast and segment our data, we can ensure our advertisers deliver better and more relevant targeted advertising to make the customer experience richer.”

Saines said there were also operational reasons for choosing SAS. “It’s a single platform solution that combines all the services you need. Also, the pricing is much simpler in that instead of a separate price for each service, SAS offers a single ‘all-you-can-eat’ price in terms of product functionality.”

David Bowie, SAS Australia and New Zealand managing director, said the company’s relatively new SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers suite is fast enjoying high acceptance, globally. “The system is genuinely much more than an ad server and the industry has long needed a solution of this class. Now, publishers can manage everything on a single platform – inventory and order management, forecasting and optimisation, reporting and visualisation.”

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