Size Optimization: SAS Size Profiling and SAS Pack Optimization

SAS® Size Optimization: SAS® Size Profiling and SAS® Pack Optimization

An enterprise solution that affects both supply and demand

SAS Size Optimization uses powerful analytics to transform historical sales data into size-demand intelligence. The solution predicts future sales and inventory needs by size, and determines case-pack supply to optimally meet this demand. When integrated with existing merchant systems, it enables the application of this intelligence to purchasing and allocation.

SAS Size Optimization helps retailers improve profitability by identifying and supplying the right sizes to the right stores at the right time. The solution systematizes this level of planning and execution by matching packs to size-level demand for each store. The result is higher store-level margins, lower operating costs, fewer stock-outs and reduced end-of-season markdowns.

Because we are optimizing sizes, we will improve sales and margins, and reduce markdowns. These are the biggest benefits we are getting."

John Kubo
Vice President and CIO
The Wet Seal


Improve sales.

SAS Size Optimization assists retailers by more accurately identifying both size-level demand by location and determining pack-level quantities required to meet that need.

As a result, there are fewer stock-outs across the stores and higher overall sales without increasing inventory risk.

Increase margins.

SAS Size Optimization increases full-price early-season sales by better matching size profiles to forecasted demand. SAS Size Optimization also reduces the need for markdowns by reducing "stranded" inventory at store level.

The result is higher profit margins. Determining just the right number of each pre-pack configuration needed also allows retailers to control product procurement costs.

Decrease operating costs.

Determining just the right number of each available pre-pack configuration needed to economically meet demand helps maintain reasonable distribution costs.

Retailers using this solution also reduce the need for costly break-pack and piece-pick activities within their distribution networks by raising the percentage of product supplied in multi-item pre-packs.

Ultimately, this provides an opportunity to reduce labor requirements and improve distribution center throughput.

Improve planning team efficiencies.

Retailers today are always looking for ways to streamline their teams and increase throughput and effectiveness while constantly fighting competitive pressures that drive down margins.

SAS Size Optimization utilizes numerous automated processes and procedures to improve the efficiencies of planning teams, allowing them to play a more strategic role in the organization.



Size Optimization: SAS Size Profiling and SAS Pack Optimization
  • Generate demand-based size profiles
  • Build and use attribute-specific profiles
  • Recommend pack portfolios


  • Design multidelivery strategies
  • Conduct what-if analysis

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