SAS® Marketing Automation

More campaigns. Better results. Higher ROI.

Want to win, serve and retain the best customers? Now you can move easily from data to campaign design to better decisions across every channel. Our marketing automation software pairs unmatched usability with world-class analytics to deliver results like you've never seen before. Faster, easier, better. Made possible by SAS.


  • Usability. Includes straightforward navigation, intuitive search capabilities, effortless information sharing, and easy reuse of treatments, campaign components, etc.
  • Embedded data management. Addresses every aspect of managing customer data – from extract, transform, load (ETL) to data quality.
  • Unmatched analytics. Includes multiple methods for campaign and component testing, plus analytically based clustering, segmentation, modeling and priority optimization.
  • Painless integration and customization. Includes a common, open data model and custom node functionality for creating custom processes and selecting data attributes.

Rather than mailing every offer to every customer, SAS helps us determine the right people to contact, helping us stay on budget and avoid wasting resources.

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