Bloytt and SAS make hospitals smarter

Collaboration improves daily processes in intramural care

Blyott is collaborating with SAS to streamline product and patient flows in Belgian hospitals. The latest startup of serial entrepreneur Gery Pollet has developed an open platform to locate real-time assets in hospitals. This saves a lot of costs and time. Together with SAS, Blyott now wants to go deeper and use data analysis to make daily processes more efficient.

The idea for Blyott's real-time location services platform (RTLS) arose when Gery Pollet of the Academic Hospital Maria Middelares (AZMM) in Ghent was asked for a solution to quickly locate beds and other resources. Hospitals with 500 beds easily have 5,000 assets, Pollet explains. "Searching for a bed for a patient, or for a pump or infusion, takes relatively long. In addition, we see that departments tend to keep more assets in stock than necessary, resulting in 10 to 20 percent overpurchasing."

Blyott developed an open cloud platform that, in combination with sensors and BlueTooth locators, displays the exact location of each tagged asset. This platform is now successfully deployed at Ghent's AZMM and about a dozen other hospitals. But Blyott's ambition extends beyond locating medical devices. The data that is collected can be analyzed and used to improve processes within hospitals. Blyott is also working on a sensor system with wristbands to track patient-related flows and the health status of patients such as their heart rate. Over time, with analytics we can also extract smarter insights from these data.


Blyott is collaborating in the field of analytics with SAS, who work closely together with renowned hospitals and health authorities on a global level. Data analytics and process improvement are the key elements. The collaboration with Blyott takes place under the umbrella of SAS D[N]A Lab, the open innovation platform and ecosystem for companies, startups and scale-ups in the Benelux. The strength of D[N]A Lab lies in making innovations intelligent and scalable. As in this case of Blyott, they help to properly embed innovations in the highly regulated environment of hospitals.

"SAS brings us a lot of experience with highly regulated working environments, such as  hospitals, that have to comply with laws and regulations like the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) that will come into effect on May 26th, 2021 upon request by the European Commission. SAS is familiar with the challenges involved. We believe that the solution Blyott offers contributes to a better use of medical devices and can save hospitals a lot of costs and time, says Arthur de Crook, Director SAS D[N]A Lab.

Collaboration Blyott and SAS

Gery Pollet, founder and managing director of Blyott, is convinced that with the help of SAS, the value of the RTLS solution for hospitals can become even bigger. "We benefit significantly from working with a reliable and renowned company like SAS and the network and knowledge they offer us. We have only just started and the hospitals using our platform are extremely satisfied. With the help of SAS, we can get more insights from the data we collect from the medical devices, and possibly soon also from the patients. In that way we can help our customers optimize their processes. This makes our role even more fundamental." 

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