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Data Science Jam Sessions by SAS

3 May

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Welcome to the data science jam sessions!

Rethinking the world and shaping tomorrow's city life.

You may have known our SAS Forum for many years. So, you know that we are constantly looking for the best way to inform and inspire you. That’s why this year, we would like to introduce you to and& summit, a well-selected collage of +100 thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs who will explore the impact technology on future city life. As the main partner of and& summit, we have created a dedicated track for you, the data scientist, who will play an essential part in shaping future city life.

Join us for a full day of content, talk of the geeks, hands-on sessions, meeting with experts combined with music, food and drinks. Or discover what tomorrow will bring at and& summit.

Our Speakers

Federico Alberto Pozzi

Federico Alberto Pozzi
Senior Solution Specialist - specialist in IOT and streaming analytics

Cristina Conti

Cristina Conti
Manager EMEA - Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

Mathias Coopmans

Mathias Coopmans
Manager EMEA - Architecture

Andrew Pease

Andrew Pease
Senior Director Analytics at Deloitte Consulting

Wouter Travers

Wouter Travers,
Deloitte Consulting


Welcome and breakfast
Talk of the Geeks by our Geeks
11h30-12h30Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning enlightening session Véronique Van Vlasselaer and Joline Jammaers, Pre-sales Consultants at SAS
14h00-14h45“AI for business: the challenges of talking AI to non-data scientists” by Cristina Conti, Manager EMEA - Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics, SAS

Artificial Intelligence is a new and interesting challenge companies are facing, and people want to get onboard. However, data scientists are sometimes challenged with the complexity of explaining topics like machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing to the executives. How to make it clear and simple for people that are not data scientists to clarify what the magic of Ai can do for them?”
14h45-15h30"RIFFING ON ANALYTICS - The Music in Data Science by Andrew Pease and Wouter Travers, Deloitte

Data science has a lot in common with music: both are part science, but both also require some art to get it right. Using some actual cases from the public and private sectors, this presentation will match various data science objectives with different genres of music. Come discover the music in your own data science ambitions and projects. "
16h00-16h45SAS® Analytics for IoT: The DEMOtic Home by Federico Pozzi, Senior Solutions Specialist in IoT, IMM & Analytics at SAS
  • Analyze high-velocity big data while in motion.
  • Know what requires action, and what can be ignored.
  • In-stream data quality, prebuilt analytics expressions and advanced analytics integration for complex pattern matching.
  • Applied to smart homes, innovative analytical models make a difference.
16h45-17h30Enterprise Analytics – Accelerating Your Path to Value with an Open Analytics Platform by Mathias Coopmans, EMEA Presales Manager Architecture at SAS

Jamming, improvising, creative experimenting, … are always fun, also with data ! At some point you will want your most successful data experiments to be turned into true digital products and services. Getting out of the lab can be a scary thing, especially when you’re not prepared. In this presentation we will take you through the different components of the SAS Platform that can help you ease mounting experiments, running them at scale and deliver them in production.
17h30-19h00Networking Drink & Live Music
19h00-…and& Technology Exposition - and& music festival (choice offered upon registration)

Talk of the Geeks

The DATA step in SAS VIYAGwendoline Planchon
Variable binning in SAS VIYA: Increasing the predictive power of your white-box models while keeping their interpretability
Frédéric Thys
 Stop complaining about text in data and start making use of it!Reinout Mensaert
 Forecast Exception ReportingElke Potums
 Proc HP ClusteringJoline Jammaers
 Autotuning in SAS: Hey data scientist! Did you already optimize your model hyperparameters?Véronique Van Vlasselaer
 Make your analytics count! - from predictive to prescriptive analytics with SAS optimizationAdriaan Van Horenbeeck
 Computer Vision in SAS: keeping AI (an eye) on the future Jaimy Van Dijk
Deployment Efficient scoring with PROC ASTOREFlorian Bertrand

Please make your choice:

A full day of free Data Science Jam Sessions
3 May

Morning sessions from 08.30am onwards:

  • Talk of the geeks
  • Visual Data Mining & Machine learning enlightening session
  • Hands-on sessions


Afternoon sessions - from 2.00pm onwards:

  • Presentations by
    • Cristina Conti, EMEA Manager Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics
    • Mathias Coopmans, EMEA Manager Architecture
    • Federico Alberto Pozzi, Senior Solution Specialist specialized in streaming data analytics
  • Meet SAS experts to discuss your projects


  • Afterwork drink at the Bebop
  • A tech expedition exploring new technology
  • Music festival to close the day




Discover and&
3 May

Morning sessions from 08.30am onwards:

  • Talk of the geeks
  • Visual Data Mining & Machine learning enlightening session
  • Hands-on sessions


Afternoon at and& - from 2.00pm onwards:

  • An afternoon at and& - a summit filled with inspiring talks close by ‘At The Bebop’  25% reduction rate
  • Free drinks & catering At the BeBop Jazzbar during breaks
  • Access to the SAS Lounge at M-Museum
  • Access to afternoon and& program on May 3rd


  • Afterwork drink at the Bebop
  • A tech expedition exploring new technology
  • Music festival to close the day

Your price: (€ 150): € 120

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