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Thursday 13 October 2016 • The Egg Brussels

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24 / 06 / 2016

Want to be part of next-generation analytics? The
SAS Forum is the place to be!

The slogan of the SAS Forum 2016 is ‘Analytics Everywhere’. Two words that describe a whole world of possibilities – and it’s a world we would like to share with you! At the SAS Forum we give you a roadmap of how analytics is evolving into the next generation, and how our newly launched architecture – SAS® ViyaTM – enables our customers to be part of this. Besides that, the SAS Forum is the ideal moment to broaden your insight into what’s happening in the market. How should you react to the Internet of Things (IoT), for instance? As one of today’s hottest topics, IoT is a common thread running through all Forum streams.

4 main streams

The SAS Forum 2016 is built around four main topics, each of which has a strong correlation with the digital era. In fact, we’ve even named one stream after it: Information Management in the Digital Era. This stream will address a slightly more technical audience including IT architects, and will include presentations related to data management, data visualization, streaming data and – of course – our new architecture, Viya. “The SAS Forum will be the ideal place to learn more about our recently launched modern and open architecture. This single, cloud-ready environment will serve everyone – from data scientists to executives – and really is a new way of consuming software. As the world leader in analytics we will take the visitors to the SAS Forum on a journey to next-generation analytics,” says Ivy Vanderheyden, Marketing Director Belux at SAS.

Marketing professionals will find plenty to their liking in the Digitizing the Customer Experience stream. The way customers experience your brand is crucial nowadays. For years now, everyone has been talking about omnichannel and implementing software to ensure balance across all channels. ‘Give customers what they want, when they want it is an often-heard statement. “At SAS, we believe that the omnichannel approach is crucial, but the real intelligence doesn’t lie in the process itself. The customer experience is genuinely invigorated by conveying the right message to the right customer through the right channel at the right time. And, to be able to do this, analytics is key. At the SAS Forum, marketing professionals who really want to run intelligent marketing campaigns can get a good sense of how the front runner in analytics can support them,” continues Ivy Vanderheyden.

The stream called Boost your Analytical Experience will inspire established and fledgling data scientists alike. A lot of analytically skilled people are faced with business requests that put their analytical capabilities to the test. “Today’s data science recruits are very familiar with open source, which of course is a good solution for a host of data-related requests. But with business requirements becoming increasingly complex and the need to make analytics scalable, companies and data scientists often feel they have to go one step further and invest in a truly advanced analytical company-wide solution. Open source in combination with SAS provides a world-class solution. At the SAS Forum we will share a lot of tips and tricks, and it’s a great place to get ideas about how data scientists can better position their own function within the company.”

Finally, we also have a stream addressing how to Optimize Fraud Detection, Security and Risk using analytics. This stream is certainly interesting for companies in the financial services industry. As the world is increasingly digitizing, companies in this sector are facing huge challenges in terms of combating fraud and protecting themselves – and their customers – against cybercrime. “Besides that, this topic should also appeal to other sectors. Many organizations will have to deal with the new European data legislation and are trying to manage their data effectively while still being compliant. The SAS Forum will include the presentation of numerous customer cases about how to cope with this,” comments Ivy Vanderheyden.

Big data is out, analytics is everywhere

Organizations have to deal with a huge amount of data. That’s no longer a concept, but a fact. What’s really important today is how the data is used. In order to launch new business models and provide new customer experiences, combining big data with real-time analysis is the only option. In other words, the value of big data lies in analytics.

In that sense, IoT fits well into the big data context because it is also linked to the importance of handling and analyzing data in real time and providing services based on that analysis. As a result, IoT is on everybody’s lips; a Google search for ‘IoT’ generates more than 6 billion hits. “There are so many ways to apply IoT within the organization. From a marketing point of view, there’s the connected customer. If a customer is streaming a video but their data bundle is running out, for example, then you want to be able to propose an offer for renewing their bundle or to upsell a better option. Retail organizations can use beacons to offer shoppers real-time discounts as they pass the stores. In manufacturing, IoT can be helpful for predictive asset maintenance. The practical applications of IoT are so widespread and offer so many opportunities that we touch on this topic in every stream,” concludes Ivy Vanderheyden.

If you want to discover the business angle of IoT – how you can make money out of your data with the help of analytics – or if you simply want to use analytics to create value and advance your business, be sure to note the SAS Forum 2016 in your digital diary today!

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