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How analytics drives asset performance

Thursday 17 November 2016 |  ALM - Filip Williotstraat 9, 2600 Berchem

Nowadays, everybody within manufacturing and process industry talks about the ‘internet of things’, ‘connected factory’, ‘industry 4.0’ and the major impact it will have on industry and more specifically on asset management. This next phase in digitization of the manufacturing industry promises to increase asset reliability, optimize costs, reduce energy consumption and improve production quality. But where should you start this journey? How can you leverage value from all this new technology and data sources? Which resources and competencies do you need? Many companies are still struggling with these uncertainties and the road to ‘data-driven’ asset management. However, one thing is certain, these new technologies and concepts are already generating massive amounts of data to be acted upon. So how can you translate data into actionable information in order to increase the bottom line of your asset management?

Best practices in asset management – How analytics drives asset performance

VIB, Allied Reliability Group and SAS will organize an inspiring session with hands-on insights by SHELL.  As an early adopter on using analytics in asset management they will share their knowledge and experiences on how to leverage value from data by using analytics. This interactive session will provide you with insights on how to set up the business case for analytics within asset management, how to develop a common vision on analytics within asset management, best practices from real life cases and a view on the road to success. You will get answers on how to start, where to focus, how did Shell tackle this etc. You will learn how data analytics drives asset performance!


Thu, 17 Nov. 
15h30 - 16h00Welcoming and networking
16h00 - 16h15Introduction by Allied Reliability Group and SAS
16h15 - 16h30The need for data-driven reliability - SAS and ARG
16h30 - 17h30Data-driven Asset Management at NAM/SHELL – Hielko Bos, Team Lead
Groningen Support Centre at Shell
17h30 - 18h00Round-table discussion
18h00 - 19h00Networking drink

 Filip Williotstraat 9

2600 Berchem

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