Today´s consumers access an increasingly wide range of media and online information in addition to their traditional offline shopping behavior. Due to the fact to the falling costs and increasing availability of smartphones and mobile devices, they are also exploring digital channels and “mobile apps”. This is driving multiple channel and media usage – often in parallel with higher expectations regarding their personal needs and preferences. As a result, consumer marketing is becoming far more complex and time-dependent.

The structures, processes and systems currently in place in many companies are not able to deal with this omni-channel phenomenon. Valuable information is either lost or not fully exploited – primarily due to the absence of central data management and control.
As a result, decision making becomes ever more tedious, inflexible and economically deficient.

The SAS Customer Decision Hub helps companies to effectuate a customer-centric business strategy with an integrated decision management approach to solving critical challenges across all business functions.

In this knowledge booster we want to show you how the ideal customer journey could look like.

Date & Time

Wednesday 11 March

Start: 17:30
End: 19:30
Training will be followed by a drink.


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