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12h30Sandwich lunch
13h30Welcome & Setting the Stage
Filip Verbeke, Regional Executive for Fraud & Cyber Security Solutions for SAS South- West Europe

The Virtualization of our World - Opportunities
Andy Scherpenberg, Solution Specialist Fraud & Cyber Security, SAS Belgium & Luxembourg


How we are moving from a world of bricks, doors and papers to zeros and ones, and the opportunities it brings.


The Virtualization of our World - Challenges
Dr Stephen Hill, Director – Data & Intelligence, Absolute Partnership


The challenges posed by this virtualisation, and how criminals use the new technologies to industrialize fraud while remaining far away from justice’s reach. Topics such as data volume and speed will transition seamlessly into the financial and reputational consequences for companies.


Stephen has over 16 years’ experience working in the field of e-crime & fraud, online intelligence (including social media investigation) and data security & compliance.

15h15Coffee break

Solutions - A look into the Future of Cyber Security with Big Data Analytics.
Andy Scherpenberg, Solution Specialist Fraud & Cyber Security for SAS Belgium & Luxembourg


We are not defenseless. Over the years, academics and companies have built deterrents to stop malicious activity. But is it enough? Why do large, rich companies still fall victim to these practices? And more importantly: what can we do to stop it?

Date & Time:

Tuesday 10 March

12h30 - 17h00


Castle Robiano (SAS offices)
Hertenbergstraat 6
3080 Tervuren, Belgium


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