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Running a business is about making decisions.

And today, that often means dealing with huge amounts of data. Getting answers and insights from that data is often left to the business analysts or IT. But SAS® Visual Analytics is a business intelligence tool combined with data visualization – backed-up by powerful analytics - that anyone can use to explore and understand complex data. From business users with no or limited technical skills, to a statistician or a data scientist.

Goal of the Workshop

During this Day with Your Data workshop, you will learn how you can visualize and explore your own company’s data, answer complex questions and create easy-to-understand reports meaningful to your business, which you can share with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Target Audience

  • Everyone who wants to explore data and wants a tool that helps to select the visualizations.
  • Analysts, business analysts, data scientists, statisticians and non-statisticians.
  • IT profiles and technology-enthusiast business people.
  • Business profiles with an understanding of their company data.
  • Everyone who is familiar with the use of business intelligence tools but is looking for more advanced easy-to-use analytics.

What can you do to get the most out of this day – and out of your data?

  • You bring your own data, or a sample of it & we load it in SAS Visual Analytics.
  • Make sure you invite a decision maker from your organization to attend the full day or at least the last part of the workshop in order to show the results of your participation.


You can find the detailed timing here.

Data Requirements

A full description of how your data for the workshop should be delivered is available here.

Upcoming dates:

Thursday 17 December

More dates..


Castle Robiano (SAS offices)
Hertenbergstraat 6
3080 Tervuren, Belgium



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