Visual Analytics Overview


SAS Luxembourg is pleased to invite you for this afternoon session about Business Analytics, Data Visualization, Rapid Insight and best-in-class dashboarding.

Simple, static reports aren’t enough to reveal the answers locked inside your data. Managers and business users need easy, straightforward analyses in order to be smarter, quicker and more direct when monitoring performance and understanding behaviors. Making adjustments on time is crucial. SAS Visual Analytics bridges this gap and brings the magic of the analysts’ tools within reach of any business user.

We often hear, “there is no time for analyses, because all of our time goes into collecting data and making reports.” Or, “every report we make brings new questions.” Those are exactly the problems that are addressed with SAS Visual Analytics. It helps interdepartmental teams come up with solid analyses, dashboards and forecasts, without the need for lengthy preparations. Moreover, by using mobile technologies (such as tablets), users even have direct access to visually presented insights anywhere at any time.


Welcome and coffee

Start of the session

  • Why is this new offer really innovative?
  • Why is it well adapted to the Luxembourgish companies?
  • Can you please show me it live?
Date & Time:

Wednesday March 26
3.00pm until 5.00pm

Hotel Olivier:
140 a. route d'Arlon
L-8008 Strassen

Free parking behind the hotel


Sonia Pinternagel
+352 621 381 794

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