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The European Telco industry faces difficult times. Competition is fierce, the battle in prices is thorough and the increasing pressure of upcoming legislation is high. The announced reduced roaming revenues forces MNO’s to go looking for new revenue streams.

In their quest for innovation and new revenue streams, MNO’s are looking how to monetize their Big Data. Indeed, they have piles of data. Doing nothing with it; asking themselves if this could generate a new revenue stream. The answer is “yes”, there is a way MNO’s can earn money with this 'dormant' data and SAS together with Zapfi will show 'how to'!

Who should attend?

C-level and VP/director level of European Fixed and Mobile operators. Mainly Commercial, Data, Strategy and General, such as:

  • Director of Strategy
  • CEO
  • Strategy Advisory / Consultancy
  • Marketing Director
  • Chief Marketing Officer (B2B or B2C)
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Director Customer Satisfaction
  • Chief Privacy officer
  • Customer Services Director
  • Business Unit Director
Date and location

1st of April 2014

Living Tomorrow
Indringingsweg 1
1800 Vilvoorde (Brussels)


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