Oberweis has a glass-half-full attitude

Analytics is the reason why


With 48 dairy stores in the Midwest, a six-state home delivery network, and in-store sales through local and national grocery chains, Oberweis needed a better way to understand its customer base and growth potential. Especially since Americans are drinking less milk, buying habits are changing, and competition is on the rise.

Oberweis now knows exactly how to compete.

Analytics leads to customer discoveries

This data identifies best locations for bulk mailing. The US Postal service offers discounted rates when promotions are sent to all households in the same carrier route.

Expansion maps show trends by location, highlighting the locations with the best cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Oberweis uses this data to identify new customers and new locations for expansion.

Median income analysis identifies the ideal target audience for farm-fresh milk and home delivery.

This survival chart predicts whether a consumer will become – and stay – an Oberweis customer for at least six months.

Time-to-event analysis determines whether customers will make purchases for a short period or increase loyalty over time.

Customer retention improves 30 percent

Offering half off the delivery price for 12 months retains more customers than offering free delivery for six months.

Targeting small pays off in a big way

Analytics reveals which selective groups of consumers are willing to pay a little more for the highest quality milk delivered to their front doors.

Menus double as marketing tools

Custom menu boards reflect the greatest reduction in service time and the best increase in the average profit per transaction.

Slow and steady yields
best results

Oberweis found that its best customers start buying in small amounts, then slowly increase purchases over time.

Targeted promos reduce direct mail costs

Oberweis combines postal data with customer loyalty data to identify the best carrier routes to target for promotions.