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Fratelli Carli gets real-time, event-triggered marketing for improved cross- and up-sell

In 1911 Giovanni Carli created the Fratelli Carli company in Italy, basing the business on an exceptional olive oil product and operating standards of the highest integrity. Its system of direct marketing to families was a success and business expanded rapidly, achieving widespread distinction for exceptional quality. Understanding the need to maintain constant relationships with its clients throughout its history, the Fratelli Carli company was born with marketing in its DNA.

Today, the Imperia-based, family-owned company is one of the most well-known and prestigious names in the olive oil market. Fratelli Carli uses SAS® Campaign Management to market to its 1 million clients, who regularly buy its olive oil products, condiments, olives and wines, as well as natural cosmetics products from its Mediterranea brand.

With SAS, we will know a client's lifecycle position at all times, ensuring that they will receive only the promotional campaigns that are most suitable to them.

Carlo Carli
Food Division Director

"For a company like ours, which has always based its sales strategy on direct contact, being able to carry out the most focused campaigns as possible is essential," explains Carlo Carli, Food Division Director, Fratelli Carli. "We have a million clients who make purchases regularly, and twice as much data in our database on customers who have been in contact with the world of Carli at least once. Over the last three to four years, we have been applying a lifecycle logic to this portfolio, using programs developed internally to create segmented processes based on a client's level of loyalty. Lately, however, there has been a need to make an additional leap in quality, and for this we have chosen SAS."

In particular, Fratelli Carli needed to automate its marketing campaigns. Until now, the information collected through campaigns was manually processed by the marketing department, using inefficient CRM tools. Furthermore, due to the multichannel nature of sales, reconciling data from different sources was a complex process and completely separate from the campaign management environment.

SAS Campaign Management provides the foundation for a complete system to manage all of the information and events linked to sales operations, and improve effectiveness and efficiency while decreasing costs. According to Carli, data analysis and processing are fundamental to structuring focused campaigns.

"The proprietary system we used until now was rigid, which didn't reconcile very well with our policy of increasing accuracy in segmenting the client portfolio," says Carli. "With SAS Campaign Management, we expect to increase flexibility and obtain knowledge from the data to support company decisions - it goes beyond traditional business intelligence reporting. With SAS, we know a client's lifecycle position at all times, ensuring that they will receive only the promotional campaigns that are most suitable to them."

The SAS solution allows for the design, simulation and execution of multichannel campaigns - direct mail, e-mail, telephone, text, etc. - as well as monitoring their execution and validity in real time. In addition, the company can run event-driven campaigns, which are triggered when a customer takes a certain action or a pre-set date relevant to the client arrives. Carli says this approach helps to instill customer loyalty, provides opportunities to cross- and up-sell products and maximizes the value of the relationship.

Today, segmentation is performed for each product family based on four macro categories: new clients; loyal clients; retained clients; and clients who are at risk of leaving. For each of these categories, 15 multichannel campaigns are executed annually, including dedicated online marketing activities, which drive 15 percent of the company's business.

"Until now, client profiling was performed by our people based on their experience," Carli concludes. "With the new framework we expect substantial benefits from SAS, not only in client profiling, but also for cross- and up-selling promotions for our various food and cosmetic products."


Needed to automate more than 60 annual, multichannel marketing campaigns and manage sales operation data with integrated tools.


SAS® Marketing Automation


  • Automated data collection and reconciliation.
  • Improved cross- and up-sell effectiveness.
  • Increased efficiency and decreased costs.
  • Accurate segmentation.
  • Multichannel campaign management.
  • Real-time, event-triggered marketing.
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