Ina Conrado
Advanced Analytics and AI Advisor

Ina is a data scientist and advanced analytics advisor at SAS. She works across industries helping customers on a variety of analytical projects varying from machine learning, natural language processing, and forecasting.

As an analytical advisor Ina focuses the importance of not only building strong analytical solutions, but also finding ways to communicate technical solutions effectively to a variety of backgrounds. Ina has a master’s degree in Biostatistics from the University of Michigan.

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Speaker engagements

2021Responsible AI in PracticeFANS Analytics Network MeetingSAS/FANS
2021Natural Language Processing and Txt Analytics: From ABT to ModellingFANS Data Science MeetingSAS/FANS
2021Embedding Results of Analytics in Visual AnalyticsFANS Visual Analytics MeetingSAS/FANS
2021Discovering Analytics From Alternative FieldsSAS Women in AnalyticsSAS Women in AI
2021Hybrid Analytical Approach for Operationalizing Credit Card UpsellData Innovation SummitHyperight
2020Detection of Spam in TextFANS Analytics Network Meeting
SAS Institute/FANS
2020Applications of Neural Networks in the FieldFANS Programming Network Meeting
2020Introduction to Linear Mixed Models Nordic Data Science Network Meeting
2020Visual Text Analytics: How do I make sense of my unstructured data?SAS Nordic Forum 2020
2020Voice of the Customer: How to listen to your customers digital conversations and respond in real-time SAS Nordic Forum 2020